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How to make your own mask:

It's always better than nothing. Faced with the shortage of protective masks due to the coronavirus crisis, many tutorials for making homemade masks have flourished on the Web. But not all are created equal. Here are ways to make it sure of the result.


The Grenoble University Hospital has also published a document specifying precisely the steps for making your own fabric mask.

Necessary material :

- Cotton scraps (about 20 cm)

- Fine fleece or fine fleece

- Two flexible elastics

- A sewing machine

Before you start, wash your hands thoroughly and disinfect them with hydro-alkaline gel. Then fully unfold the paper towel or paper towel, and fold it in an accordion. Finally, put an elastic band at each end, then staple them.

- Cut out the pattern below:


- Cut the necessary pieces of cotton fabric, to obtain 4 pieces of fabric

- Cut the fleece, to obtain two pieces

- Cut two elastic bands of 30 cm and adapt to the desired size

- Assemble the two pieces of outer fabric "place against place", rounded part

- Make the same assembly for the two pieces of fabric intended for the lining

- Assemble the two pieces of fabric obtained "place against place" and insert the two pieces of fleece

- Turn the set over on the right side

- Topstitch the central seam (vertically)

- Topstitch the top and bottom a few millimeters from the edge

- Fold the short sides (2 times one centimeter) and iron the piece obtained

- Sew a few millimeters from the fold to create a slide

- Slide the knot in the slide for reinforcement

Note that the mask must be washed daily at 30 ° C with conventional detergent.

Here is a tutorial posted on Youtube by Cécile DIY simply explaining all the steps to make a mask of the "CHU de Grenoble" type.

If you do not have the materials to make your own mask, you can always buy a mask in our stores and choose the style you want for only 2$ 


As a reminder, wearing a mask must be accompanied by compliance with barrier gestures: wash your hands regularly, cough or sneeze into your elbow, use disposable tissues, greet without shaking hands and avoid kissing. Please do go out of your house only to buy essentials such as grocery shopping, buying hand sanitizers or médications, please do not go out to meet up with some friends, social distancing is strictly considered. Remember, the more we respect the rules, the more this pandemic can go away !


While going out for groceries or essentials, for your safety and for others, put on a mask, always carry a sanitizer with you, and put on some gloves to avoid touching door knobs and infecting your hands.

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